It is an organization for open-source software enthusiasts. We genuinely think that OSS is our real bright future. There is no requirement to start contributing to our projects. Moreover, by contributing to them, you contribute to humanity.

Our projects


AngouriMath is a computer algebra library for basic and complex expression manipulation, be that arithmetic, calculus, or printing in LaTeX, parsing from string, and many more. It might be convenient to use in industrial spheres thanks to computation interruption and F# wrapper.


MxEngine is an educational modern-C++ general-purpose 3D game engine. Right now MxEngine is developed only by #Momo, but any contributions are welcome and will be reviewed. Fow now MxEngine supports OpenGL as graphic API and targeting x64 only.


It is the only fully-implemented generic-tensor library for C#. Allows to work with tensors of custom types.


Monobind is a lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in C# and vice versa, mainly to create C# bindings of existing C++ code.


In this repo we are collecting benchmarks for different situations, as well as some thoughts and articles for developers about improving their software's performance.

About Angouri's people


I'm a big fan of OSS, and I created and contributed to a few open-source projects. Currently, I'm working on AngouriMath. Sometimes I write articles about techniques and features in symbolic math or C#. Reach me on Discord: Oryp4ik#0120.


I’ve been programming C++ and C# for around three years, mainly working on MxEngine game engine during the last year. My previous experience also include my own programming language - MSL (bison parser + custom bytecode + own VM) and mono runtime binder for C++ - monobind.


I've been enjoying .NET since 2014, from VB.NET, then C#, now F#. I believe in automation through programming, specifically automating answering school math for checking, where AngouriMath and CSharpMath make the most intuitive calculator app ever. However, with other commitments, like University studies, a startup, paid open source, and unpaid open source, excuse me for not contributing much. I'm Happypig375#2425 on Discord.


Java developer loving C#, C++, Python and Go, mainly work on backends, frameworks, bots.


Anyone is more than welcomed to make contributions to any Angouri's projects. Join our Discord server to know about our current plans and tasks. Fork the repository of the project you want to work on, commit your changes, and make a pull request.